Wells Company

The Wells product line was acquired by Toolrite in 2009, but the experience and history of Wells equipment spans all the way back to 1893. We sell sustainable, high quality wire forming machines and versatile accumulators. The wire forming industry has stood the tests of time and Wells is here to do our part in innovating new products, while servicing their reliable predecessors.

Zig Zag Machine

Our Model SW200 Zig Zag Sinuous Wire Forming Machine is extremely precise and mass produces springs at rapid speeds. Dependable die sets and an oscillator, with only two wear pins, leads to minimal down time and easy servicing. This powerhouse is the type of reliable that machines used to be!


Save money on manual labor and invest in an efficient way to handle your wire products! No matter your wire collection needs we have an accumulator to help you.

Die Sets

Quickly and accurately cutting wire and bending end treatments sets us apart! Our die sets bust through wire and ensures that you are ready for the final steps of spring production. Custom die sets are our specialty!

Genuine Wells Company Replacement Parts

Wells Company still supports most of our machines from the mid-1900s. Give us a call today and we’ll quote you the replacement parts that you need!

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