Quality Summary

Toolrite employs designers, engineers, and craftsmen that focus on quality. Artisans take pride in their work and do not settle for what is easiest, hence the birth our Inspection Department. The Production Part Approval Process, PPAP, provides us with a methodology of robust quality checks and early discrepancy detection. These preventative measures and high visibility culminate into a return on your investment. When Toolrite’s Shipping Department sends your items, you can be assured that the products are to spec. and application ready.

PPAP Components of Success

Inspection Records – Complies with ISO 9000 standards and are maintained for five years

Surveillance Inspections – Quality personnel push the envelope to ensure customer’s requirements are met

Final Inspection Approval – Purchase orders, drawings, and industry specs are the determining criteria for when a part is ready to be shipped

Customer Notifications – Clients may require a report with the time of functional testing and inspection results; Toolrite is happy to provide this documentation