Legacy Equipment

The Wells brand’s legacy stretches back 125 years and with unmatched reliability, much of our classic equipment is still in operation today.  Machinery longevity is hard to find in the 21st century, so consider Wells’ Genuine Replacement Parts before discarding your dependable antique technology.


Bale Opener
  • Serial Number Example:  UB-XX-XX
  • Manufacture Dates:  1991-Present

Auto Fabric Machine
(Auto Twisted Link Fabric Machine or Automatic Fabric Machine)
  • Model Number:  F-100
  • Serial Number Examples:  F-XXX-X, F55-XX to F66-XX, F66-XXX to F74-XXX
  • Manufacture Dates:  1959-1993

Double End Auto Coiler and Knotter
  • Model Number:  B300
  • Serial Number Examples:  B-X, B300-X-69 to B300-X-73T, B-300-X-73 to B-300-X-90, BCXXXAC, WR-XXX-XX
  • Manufacture Dates:  1939-1990
Coil Transfer System
  • Model Numbers:  60, 72, 78, 172
  • Serial Number Examples:  CT-X to CT-XXX or MCTSXXX-XX
  • Manufacture Dates:  1972-2008

Wire Straightener
  • Model Numbers:  1N, 2N, 3N, 5N, 6N, 7N, 8N
  • Serial Number Examples:  5N-X-X, 2N-X-X, 3N-X-X, 6N-X-X
  • Manufacture Dates:  1956-1990
Single End Auto Coiler
(Double Feed Roll Single End, Double Feed Roll (4 Feed Roll) Single End Coiler, or a Single End Auto Coiler & Knotter)
  • Model Numbers:  150, 135, 200
  • Serial Number Examples:  C150-XX-XX, C135-X-XX, BXXXAHX, C-200-X-XX, B-XXX
  • Manufacture Dates:  1944-1988

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