Electronic Specialists

With over 30 years of experience, our Electronics Department has what it takes to design and build the fixtures that you need for your application. Extensive orders with the aircraft, industrial, and military industries have helped to build unmatched skills. We pay special attention to customer specifications and always follow or exceed industry standards. An electronics division based in a Tool & Die Shop really diversifies us from the competition which offers a broad range of in-house capabilities.


Military Critical Technical Data Agreement

Specialized Experience

From prototyping to pre-production to production, the Electronics Specialists experience crosses many platforms, some of which include:

  • Circuit board designing and assembly
  • Test fixture designing and building
  • Wire harness assembly for fixtures and High Voltage Dielectric testing
  • Motor and dyne interface with Variable-Frequency Drive (VFD) technology
  • Low and high current and high voltage control enclosures
  • Cooling and load systems from small 1 kVA to large 500 kVA loads
  • Frequency ranges from dc to 60 Hz to 400 Hz
  • Voltage ranges from 10 mV to 14 kV
  • Current ranges from 1 uA to 2 kA

Job Portfolio

High Power Controls – 1500 amp Switch w/ Sensors

P.C.B. Applications – Support Layout, Manufacturing and assembly of Printed Circuit Boards 2-4 Layers

Electro-Mechanical – Rotational Actuator Load Tester Utilizing a Magnetic Load 0-200 lb. in. 0-360 deg. With Precision indicators

Interface Controls – Remote Control Load Bank Controls

Aircraft Industry – 15 kW Load Bank for Main Aircraft CPU Testing

Aircraft Industry – Simulation of I/O for Aircraft CPU

Military Applications – High Voltage High Current 3 Phase Termination Units

In-House Machine of Specialty Materials – High Voltage assembly utilizing GP03 material and gluing processes

Production Test Fixtures – Simulation Control and I/O Monitoring for High Power High Voltage Contractors

Mechanical Fixtures – Air Flow Stand For Testing Multiple Type of Aircraft Valves for Leaks Nitrogen based 0-4 PPM 200 psi

Harness Design & Assembly – Fixture, Dielectric, Aircraft/Military style

Harness Design & Assembly – Dielectric @ 15 kV

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